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Every now and then, I write in my LiveJournal, and it becomes something that I refer to somewhat often. Usually, it's some method or formula that I've figured out on my own, and, rather than trying to reformulate it, I just refer to these writings. For convenience, they're now here. Despite the sometimes-heavy subject matter, the tone in these writings is often very informal.

Fiction / Shorts

Fiction / Novellas

Every year in November is the National Novel Writing Month. Anything that I've written for that event is available here!

Fortress of the Forgotten

This was my first attempt at a zombie novel. It's got forgettable characters and a contrived plot. It's a pretty forgettable pulp. On the plus side, parts of the book are pretty gruesome. As with most zombie stories, it's more of a survival story about a ragtag band of people thrown into a pretty horrific situation to prove themselves. It was originally written in XSL Formatting Objects and rendered into PDF with Apache FOP. Ultimately, FOP is a miserable, verbose XML-based language that makes me want to cry. Here are the links to read the 2007 NaNoWriMo entry:

The Universe

While better than Fortress, it's still not a very solid novel. It's a tale of bravery, tragedy, and the ultimate shape of the universe. It mixes some philosophy with a brutal war between robots against humans and their giant, humanoid allies. Unlike Fortress, this one hasn't been fully proof-read yet. This was written in LaTeX rendered into PDF with proTeXt. This was ultimately a more rewarding experience with marginally better results. This was submitted for the 2011 NaNoWriMo.

Print Versions

I'm tinkering with the idea of a print-on-demand version of these titles. I very much doubt they'd be a big hit, but in the future?